OK. It’s decorated. Shutup.

I normally consider myself a confident person, but wow … the pressure I’ve come under for putting up my Christmas tree in November has been brutal.bauble-1814972_1920

What are the rules, anyway?

I believe in the United States, the end of Thanksgiving indicates the beginning of what they refer to as the “holiday Season” and therefore permission comes down (from On High?) to decorate trees and do all things Christmassy.

In Australia it’s a little messier. The shops decide it’s time to celebrate Christmas around mid-September. And by celebrate, they really mean spend. Which is annoying.

And so … I have one group of friends who, like me, begin to sweat and pant and itch to start Christmas somewhere around mid-November. And then there are the others, including my own offspring, who loudly protest that no tinsel should be seen until December 1st.

What is a festive-minded girl to do?bauble-1814943_1920

This year, by about November 20th I decided that I should make room for the tree, by moving some furniture. But won’t put the tree up because that’s wrong.

But now there is a big space in the living room … which looks weird.   I might just pull out the box of decorations and the tree (still in the bag, so that’s ok) and just place them in the empty space.

Well, since they’re there, I may as well just assemble it. But NOT decorate it. Of course, the branches need to be fluffed because they are still stuck together from being in the bag all year. Definitely no decorations, though.

Except the lights may as well go on. Because they’re tricky to get right and I don’t need to turn them on, after all. Better check that they’re working though… would be a nuisance to get them all on the tree and then find one bulb not working. Yep – they all work, that’s good.

Ok. It’s decorated. Shutup.