3 Habits for a simpler 2017

I’m really not a fan of New Year’s resolutions.  Resolutions are often made in the artificial bubble of the holiday season, when we’re feeling riotously positive. A few weeks into January, when the bubble has burst, I am inevitably left with my resolutions in a pile on the floor … along with last week’s laundry and the clothes that I was going to fit back into by March.  This disappointing experience often leaves me feeling worse than if I had done nothing.

Habits, on the other hand, I can really get on board with.  They don’t come with a promise or a deadline and they are not made in the midst of chocolate-and-champagne-induced New Year’s Eve mania.  Habits are made with cooler heads and are much more flexible.

Here are the three habits that I recommend for any working woman, single or married.  They are not daily habits and won’t hang over your head in any demanding sort of way.  But they will have a BIG IMPACT on your week, and I mean in a good way.  Here they are:

Cull your wardrobe

You only need to do this once every 12 months.  It will take you about 2 hours.  Now you need to be ruthless.  Anything you haven’t worn in 12 months is either the wrong size, old and ratty or you don’t really like it.  Out it goes!  You should have a “Throw Away” box and a “Give Away” box.

Whatever survives the cull can be neatly folded and returned to a delightfully refreshed and usable wardrobe of clothes which fit and which you actually like to wear.

Make a Sunday Plan

So, the Sunday plan will take you about 10 minutes each week.

Sometime on Sunday, grab a pen and paper and think through your menus for the week.  Honestly, the relief of not having to decide (usually at about 4.30pm) what you’ll do for dinner, and then not being sure if you have the ingredients…  Just make all those menu decisions in one sitting, on a Sunday.  I promise it will streamline your week.

Also, as part of your Sunday plan, think about your clothes for the week.  Work out your outfits for the week and make sure everything has been washed (you can iron the night before).  Making these decisions on Sunday will mean that instead of standing in the shower in the mornings trying to think of something wonderful to wear,  you’ll be able instead to sing and of course to forget to shave your legs.

Do your grocery shopping online

Girls, this one thing has made an ENORMOUS difference to my week, and especially my weekend.  The thought of schlepping through a supermarket on a Saturday just does not ring my bells.  I can do the shopping in half the time, much less effort, and for the same price by going online.

Woolworths offer parcel pickup (free) or delivery (which is cheaper the more you spend).  I usually swing through the parcel pickup while doing other errands.  So easy!  Online grocery shopping also has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood of an impulse purchase – a bonus for the hips as well as the wallet.

If you only do one thing, do this!  Here’s the link:  https://woolworths.com.au

This year, as you enjoy your New Year’s Eve festivities, consider foregoing resolutions in favour of habits.  Happy 2017!