5 things NOT to say when a friend is separating.

Friendship.   It's a crazy roller-coaster, isn't it?  Trouble is, it's sometimes not easy to know how to help during the low points.  We want to be supportive, but sometimes friends throw problems at us that we just don't know how to handle. What do you say, for example, to ...
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Stress – How to Deal with it without melting down

They say that divorce is like a death without the burial. In terms of the level of stress people experience it’s right up there. People don’t cope well with chronic and ongoing stress. By the time you arrive at the stage of separation, no doubt you’ve been under a lot ...
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A step-by- step guide to returning to your maiden name

One of the first things I did, even before I decided to leave the marriage, was to re-claim my maiden name. I had a need to (cliché alert) “find myself”. Corny as that sounds, I had spent a lot of years putting myself last and being wife/mother. Looking back I ...
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