Who is the Chocolate Sneaker

Jill (aka the Chocolate Sneaker) lives and works in language education on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Born in 1965 she grew up in Brisbane with her parents and sisters. It was a perfect childhood surrounded by love, animals and the freedom of the seventies. Completing her senior high school at St. Peters Lutheran College she found purpose and meaning in Christianity. Soon afterwards she completed a teaching degree.  She spent one year in South-East Asia as a teacher to a missionary family. On her return she gave a number of years in voluntary service to a non-denominational missionary agency.

She married in 1993 and gave birth to her first son two years later.  Together with her husband and son, she travelled to India to work with the local churches and to support the missionary endeavour there. They returned to Queensland to deliver their second son.

The next decade was spent raising their growing family, now three boys, and supporting the family income with part-time teaching jobs, boarders and book-keeping for her husband’s business. These were difficult years for Jill, personally and financially.

In 2010, after a 17 year marriage, she began her life again.  Next followed a messy divorce; the purchase of a modest townhouse and the pursuit, in earnest, of a career.  To that end she took a full time job and completed a Post Graduate Degree in TESOL and a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics in her spare time.  She is the Academic Manager of a language school and lives with her youngest son in Labrador, on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Jill loves her boys, walking by the water, singing loudly in the car, and dogs. Naturally optomistic, she is surprised and delighted by the unexpected chance to start again. Having travelled this journey, she hopes to share what she has learned with those just starting over.